Frequently Asked Questions:

When and where do you meet?

We worship together every Sunday morning at 10am. We meet at 306 McArthur Rd. Fayetteville, NC 28311. We also meet throughout the month in various locations in our Missional Communities!

What kind of music will I hear on Sunday morning?

Some might call us contemporary, but we really aren't into lables. ; )

Will my kids learn about God and enjoy being at church?

That's our goal! Kids are welcome to stay with us "big people" throughout the service. We also offer a fantastic kids-church program. Crosskids Sunday is designed teach kiddos about God as they experience a living faith at an age-appropriate level. Our Crosskids have a blast on Sunday mornings!

What should I wear to the worship service?

We're a pretty casual crew, but we really don’t get hung up on clothing. We are here to worship and experience the presence of God, that's our style! What makes you comfortable? Wear that! 

What denomination are you?

We are a fresh expression of The United Methodist Church. While denomination affiliation is not on everyone’s radar, it is good to know what theological family we roll with.

Do I have to be a member of the United Methodist Church to attend Crossroads North?

Nope. While our theology is Wesleyan, and our church is a part of the UMC family, our Sunday morning service is filled with people of many different backgrounds. We think that's a good thing! No matter where you are on your faith journey, come be a part of what God is doing here.

Are you a Bible based church?

Well, yeah! This God inspired collection of writings, known as the Bible, is our family book. We know that the Bible leads us to Jesus, and Jesus leads us to life. The Bible is where we go as we wrestle with matters of faith and life. We don't get hung up on which translations, we use them all!

Do you have a more questions? Better questions? Ready to get involved? Let us know!